artist statement

"Going to the mountains is going home"  - John Muir

What connects us to our environment? What defines the place we call home? Personal experiences of life transitions and relocation inspire me to explore themes of human connection, belonging, and the human relation to Nature. In more recent work, I contemplate these questions of place, home and environment through two distinct series of sculptures.

In one series, I create abstract narrative figurative sculptures. As a fan of illustrated storybooks and daydreaming, I set the narratives in imaginary landscapes that convey a child-like sense of curiosity and discovery. Places and objects of personal meaning, architecture in my environment, memories, and reflections are all sources of the imagery that I incorporate into each piece. I am drawn to the natural color and surface of naked clay. In a sense, they remind me of the clay’s origin, and this ties in to the theme of relationship of humans to Nature. Rich earth-colored clays are the canvas on which I incorporate slips, stains and underglazes. With these narrative pieces, I want to evoke memory, emotion, meaning and personal reflection. This body of work invites the viewer to look deeper and to find their personal story within each piece.

In another series, I draw from my outdoor excursions and travels in the wilderness to take a detailed look at the themes of Nature, environment, and home, while challenging the line between outdoor and indoor environments. Some pieces may evoke familiarity and others curiosity. Geological formations, microorganisms, and plant life inspire the richly textured and tactile surfaces of these porcelain and stoneware wall pieces. Light and shadow are used to emphasize the textured surface where the clay is sometimes left entirely bare. Other times, glaze, metal or other materials are incorporated onto the surface of the clay.